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Cuckoo Bizarre LABEL 300dpi.jpg

Updated: May 10, 2020

cuckooBizarre began as a music and video makers.

after one bizarre cuckoo flew into the clouds and ashes flew into the sea,

the other bizarre cuckoo found purpose

in trying.

corona, covid19 came and there was an call for volunteers to make masks for non frontline medical workers and carers. there was a shortage. cuckooBizarre ordered a sewing machine and answered the call.

whilst working on the blank white masks, it occured to said cuckoo that masks cover your face with a big white blob.

and who Wants to look like that?

at once, cuckooBizarre's true mission shone through.

masks with verve, humour, colors that flatter skin tones, that's comfortable, washable, easily portable and with a filter pocket.


my new horse is a unicorn.

sez cuckooBizarre

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